Flies Control

Flies can be a great source of embarrassment to you in case you are having visitors in your luxurious home, and they are everywhere making your guests uncomfortable. This might be one of the reasons why people keep avoiding your home. You don’t have to worry anymore, as Solcity Shine Flies Control Services Company we will ensure that your home is fly-free.

Most of the time, flies are associated with dirty and filthy environment, and the moment they make your home/office their permanent place of residence, the people around you will see you as untidy person. This will lower your dignity in every dimension, and who wants to associate with a dirty person away? Call us no to have your dignity back.

Flies are known for posing serious health risks to people, pets and livestock and their infestation in your home can spread diseases like Salmonella and other diarrhea associated illnesses. There are some species which can spread diseases through bites. Call us today to restore your home from flies’ infestation.

About Flies

Everything big started in a small portion, whenever a small fly problem is not controlled early enough, it can turn into a serious infestation. Considering that flies can mature from eggs to adults in just seven days, the infestation can be really difficult to control. Contact us now to prevent your home/office from becoming flies’ permanent area of residence.

Solcity shine flies control services company is the most reputable flies control services provider you can rely on to give you the most outstanding results when it comes to controlling flies. We start by correctly identifying the species of the flies dominating your home to enable us locate and destroy their breeding site completely.

We will use our advanced technological equipment to thoroughly fumigate all the breeding sites of these flies to ensure that they don’t keep multiplying. Clearing the already existing flies is the next step we will take. Contact us now to entirely eradicate these annoying pests from your home for good!

Our qualified and highly skilled team of experts have extensive experience, and they will give you a brand new home /office that is free from any kind of flies. Contact us today for fast, effective flies control services you can trust.

Once a survey of your premises is complete, we will use our Eco friendly chemicals to give you quality fly control services at a relatively affordable cost. This is because we understand that economy is tough for everyone. Contact us now to get value for your money!

How to Get Rid of Flies from Your Home or Office

Using our professional and qualified flies control services is the most efficient way to guarantee you complete eradication of flies from your business or home. We use the following procedures in eliminating flies from your home;

  • Exclusion which involve proofing of doors, windows, roof vents and many more to prevent flies entering your premises.
  • Restriction which is about general good housekeeping and regular thorough cleaning practices to remove possible fly breeding sites.
  • Destruction which is using the correct fly control methods to eliminate all flies from your vicinity.
  • Monitoring through conducting regular inspection by paying you various visits to prevent flies’ infestation reoccurrence.

Wondering how to get rid of flies?  Contact Solcity shine now for an effective solution. If you are looking for some practical advice, we have some great tips to help you keep flies out of your house.

Solcity Shine Fly Eradication Methods

  1. Proper housekeeping and hygiene recommendations
  2. Setting baits
  • Dusting powders
  1. Spraying
  2. Fogging
  3. Aerosol mists
  • Electronic Fly Killers

Common Signs of Flies Infestations

  • Small dark clusters of spots are signs you should take note of by looking deep into light fittings, upper areas of the room and areas that are difficult to clean such as drainage channels.
  • Regular spotting of flies in large number buzzing around your house/office could be a sign of flies’ infestation.
  • Presence of maggots could be a strong indicator of a potential breeding site in your property and a clear sign of infestation.

Flies Control Strategies

  • Close all openings that can be used by flies to access your house/ office.
  • Clear all the food debris and liquid spillages from food consumption and preparation areas.
  • Dustbins / Compost bins should be kept closed and all waste containers are tightly sealed.
  • Cover all food staff since flies are attracted to food substance and can spread diseases by landing on the before you eat it.
  • Ensure that you drain stagnant water and keep your compound clean from any debris to eliminate fly breeding sites.

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