Rat Control

Discovering rats in your home or business can be very distressing and horrifying. Since these rodents, can be very dangerous to your properties and very extravagant with your most expensive furniture, stored food and cereals. Fortunately, we are just one call away to giving you a free rat and mice environment.

We understand how damaging rats and mice can be if they infest your premises. Be it your home or office building, we will be sure to wipe away every single one of these greedy rodents from your property. Call us right now for a quote!

Rat can be really hazardous to your help as they can cause some serious diseases to you and your family if you allow them to dominate your home. Dealing with them immediately you spot the first one is important in avoiding health related crisis. Contact us now to restore your home from these rodents.

Due to rats and mice’s stubborn and persistent nature, if not control early enough they can cause a lot loses to your business. This is because the moment they manage to gain access to your premises, they will aim for the most valuable assets in your office for instance important files and documents. Don’t let these rodents make your clients loose trust in you. Call us today for thorough fumigation services.

Some Damages Caused by Rats and Mice Infestation

  • Rats can damage your home’s insulation system
  • They can chew through your expensive floor joists and walls making them look ugly and awful.
  • They can chew electrical cables in your house which might cause fires in your office/home.
  • Rats and mice can cause diseases to your children and pets while playing in the garden since they like such places.

At solcity shine rat and mice control services company, we can help you maintain a rodent free home to enable you avoid costly damages to your luxurious furniture by preventing rat and mice infestation in your home or home. Are you sensing some rodent infestation? Call us today for your peace of mind.

Our qualified and highly skilled rat control services technicians are fully backed with global knowledge and innovation skills to restore your home from rodents. We use safe and reliable control methods to offer you a long-term solution to your rat and mice problem for good.

Our most effective way of removing rats and mice is through our use of more advanced rodenticides which kills 100% of the rodents in your premises regardless of the amount of their infestation. We are highly experienced in eliminating rats and mice from your property entirely. Contact us now!

Proofing your home to deny rats access and removing easy access to food and water include some of the ways we will use to ensure that rats and mice keep off your premises for good. Call us today to make a difference in your building.

Looking for solutions to get rid of rats in your home or on your business premises? Our professional rat removal is the quickest and most effective way to get rid of rats in your building. Our expert services are the most effective and efficient ways to giving long lasting solutions to rat problems. Contact us now for high quality and satisfactory services.

How to Identify Signs of Rats and Mice in Your Building

Rat droppings in the most concentrated areas of your building are the first sign you should never ignore.

Funny and disturbing noises on your roof is another sign you should take note of. This is because rats and mice are known for climbing surfaces hence they can gain access to your loft spaces and upper parts of your house and office.

Footprints and tail marks in dusty and rarely used part of your house is a strong sign of rats’ infestation. You should therefore call us immediately you spot the first footprint in your building and we will be more than happy to rescue your home from these pesky animals.

As nocturnal creatures, rats are most active between dusk and dawn and usually hide from humans during the day. It is often easier to spot the signs of a rat problem rather than the actual pest itself. Call us to help you identify the hideout of these rodents now!

Rat are notorious for digging holes and excavating extensive burrow systems for their shelter in your house or office. The moment you spot the first hole call us for more and thorough investigation.

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