Snake Control

We all know how snakes can be a big threat to our lives and to the lives of the people around us. They are very venomous and one bite by one snake can lead to serious conditions like paralytic and in worst case scenario, snake bite can lead to death.

Apart from their poisonous nature, the sight of a crawling snake on the roads or bushy places can be really unbearable to many people leave alone mingling with them in their homes. Luckily, you no longer have to deal with upsetting snakes any more. All you need to do is call us now for successful snake elimination.

Solcity Shine Snake Control Services has always been on the fore front in eliminating snakes from different home/offices. We use our modern and advanced snake control equipment and solutions to completely get rid of snakes within your vicinity for good.

As soon as you come across one snake in your compound you should be worried. This is because there is a likelihood that the place is infested. Our qualified and dedicated team of experts will deploy the use of our Eco-friendly highly scented chemicals to make snakes come out of their hideout.

We understand that very strong scents are unappealing to snakes. Whenever they detect a strong scent they will come out in search of secure places and this is the right time to eliminate every single one of them. Call us today to help you trace the hideout of snakes that keep crawling freely in your compound.

The moment you close a deal with us, we will immediately come to your place to examine the type of snake infesting your home, identify their nests and completely destroy its habitant around your home and office at an affordable charge. We will be sure to make the snakes disappear from your compound without reappearing ever again. Call us now for quality snake eradication you can trust!

At solcity shine snake control services, we understand that snakes also have needs and the most significant one is to regulate their body temperatures. Your home is mostly the coolest place they will opt for. We therefore set several baits around your home compound to enable us trap all the snakes once they get into contact with these baits.

We also offer after sale services to our client in terms of free advice on how to prevent future snake reoccurrence of snake infestation. Contact us immediately you discover snakes in your compound and we will come and get rid of them so that you don’t have to worry about safety in your home ever again.

Our snake control services company is fully insured which makes us the most secure snake fumigators you can rely on for top notch services. Snakes are dangerous and a reckless snake control company can cause more harm than good. Dealing with us is a great relief since you are guaranteed of full compensation in case of any damages or recklessness.

Generally, people have great fears for snakes and the fact that they can’t be easily seen in the environment, makes it scarier. We have many years in offering high quality services at a relatively affordable charges. Call us today to get value for your money!

How Do I Reduce Potential Habitats Around My Premises?

  • Keep every holes and gaps which can be used by snakes to gain access to their homes and offices
  • Clear bushes and long grass since they are the most captivating sites for snakes’ habitation.
  • Get rid of all the rodents in your home since their presence is always associated with snakes.
  • Keep cats since snakes fear them, this will make snakes avoid your home at all costs.
  • Regularly maintain your lawns and gardens by planting highly scented flowers to scare off snakes.
  • Remove any stored materials from the grounds surface for instance, corrugated iron, logs, poles, rubbish since snakes tend to hide on them.
  • Reduce available water sources around the home which can be snakes habitants.

What to Do Whenever You Pot a Snake:

  • Whether the snake is basking i.e. lying still or moving, you need to STOP whatever you are doing and do not disturb it.
  • If you have children and pets get them away from that area as quickly as possible.
  • It is important not to lose sight of the snake whilst maintaining a safe distance from it. It is important you maintain sight at all times until our qualified and equipped technicians arrives to capture it.
  • Do not make any attempts to handle or strike the snake, you can be sure that it will bit you!