Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are well known for spreading diseases and are associated with dirty environment. Exposure to these pests can make you vulnerable to Salmonella, Dysentery & Gastro-enteritis. The increase in eczema and childhood asthma have also been linked to cockroach droppings.

A quick response at the very first spot of cockroach is always essential in controlling their spread and infestation in your home or office. Call us today to make your home a no go zone for these annoying pests.

Cockroaches breed rapidly and they are resilient which means they spread very fast. Therefore, it’s only the most efficient and qualified fumigation professionals who can eliminate them entirely. We are the only fumigation company that uses the most powerful Eco-friendly Chemicals to eliminate cockroaches in your home by destroying all stages of their lifecycle.

Solcity Shine cockroach fumigation services company has a strong presence and we are widely appreciated for our effective services, which are in line with our clients’ needs and requirements. We apply the safest insecticides through our modern equipment for ensuring 100% effectiveness in controlling the pests. This in turn ensures safety of human beings, pets and furniture thus helping you in saving your money.

We are highly reputable as the only company that uses the latest modern equipment accompanied by safe insecticides to restore your home from cockroach infestation quickly. You can therefore relax easy and let us ensure that these pests will never invade your home again.

Our cockroaches control team are fully trained and well equipped to manage any kind of infestation. We concentrate on the most infested area but also insist that the whole area including the manholes is done to be absolutely sure that the menace is dealt with completely.

Our cockroach fumigation services have left most of our clients happy and contented. We create a good rapport with our clients and this has enabled us to be ranked as the number cockroach fumigation company for so many years.

Nobody wants to work with unexperienced! We have a long term experience in controlling cockroach invasion and with our long term acquired skills and knowledge you can trust that we will give top notch services. We will kill all the cockroaches in your home or office within the shortest time possible making sure that they never reappear again.

Times are tough for everybody and we all want to catch up with the tight economy! This is why we will give you the best services at a reasonable and moderate price depending on the amount of infestation of cockroaches in your home or office.

Before we start the fumigation and cockroaches control services, we commence that all the food staff should be probably rapt up to prevent the chemicals from spreading to them. The kitchen cabinet should be cleared so as to enable the pesticide to reach all the area for an effective work.

Windows and doors should be locked up for few hours to allow the pesticide to take effect on the cockroaches. The results are almost instant as evidence of dead cockroaches will be seen on the floor as soon as we start the fumigation process.

We also advise all our clients to regularly do the fumigation process to reduce the level of cockroach infestation in their homes and workplaces. Solcity Shine cockroach fumigations services company will always keep you up to date by following up on the next visit. We will also train you on various ways to ensure that cockroaches are no longer visitors to your homes and offices.

Bacteria can survive in a cockroach for months and is then passed on to us by vomiting or defecating on our food. You may have come across their vomit on cupboard or walls, their dropping is often inside kitchen cupboards and draws and on the hinges. This I why we concentrate more on the kitchen area so that we can ensure that no trace of cockroaches is left behind due to their hazardous nature.

Signs of A Cockroach Infestation

  • Smear marks – check for marks on horizontal surfaces and at the intersections between the floor and the wall.
  • Droppings of Cockroaches – They leave a dust of black droppings less than 1mm wide and of varying lengths.
  • Shed skin – look for this evidence in locations you suspect they are sheltering especially in the kitchen cabins.
  • Damages caused by cockroaches – look for unusual signs of damage, not just on food packaging. Cockroaches will attack organic goods including leather and books.
  • Crawling cockroaches in your kitchens and washroom – This is cockroaches need warmth and humidity and therefore they tend to hide around the bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchen areas.

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